The Stationary Business – Start-Up Tips

If you are looking into starting a stationary business, here are a few short reads to help you draw up a quick business plan. Being a trade with high sales and customers of all categories, opening up a stationary shop is certainly a good idea.
Finding a good location
Finding a stable and open space for the store is important to attract customers and to create awareness of the store. If you are having an online or home based stationary store, there is no need for you to worry about this. However, you will need to find space to keep your stock. When hunting for spaces, make sure you rent one that is in the vicinity of a busy town so as to attract potential customers. Spacious locations are also important if you have printing services, machines etc.
What to sell?
As it is a stationary, having the basics such as pens, pencils, files, art supplies are necessary. If you want to stand out, import different or uncommon supplies so that customers like school children buy it. Have a variety of the same kind instead of only one type. You can also have printing facilities where you can print on things like custom hoodies, mugs, plates and t-shirts for individuals and businesses. If your business prospers, you can also start your own line of specially designed stationary products. You can hire a designer to create custom wedding, birthday and party invitation cards.
Promoting your store
Promoting a store is very important if you want to increase sales and potential customers. On the opening day of the store, give out free custom hoodies or free pens and printed mugs. Give good discounts for regular customers. Don’t forget to print out some business cards for visitors to keep. Another way to market the store is by being a sponsor for school events and exams also. Social media is your best friend when it comes to this. Open up a website linked with other social sites for people to notice your business. You can also show case you specially designed line of products as well.
Other branches
Once you feel like your business is growing well and you want to open up another store, do not hesitate. If the brand has other branches, customers know that it provides good quality products and will want to use your services. Having a second store also increases the sales. When choosing another location, ensure that it isn’t too close to the flagship store. Promote the opening of the second store the same way you did with the first.

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