Small Ways In Which You Can Volunteer Your Time To Help Fight Diseases

You may wish to volunteer your time to help you in your community but you are not able to make a long term commitment. This is the case for most working professionals with busy schedules. This does not mean that you need to keep yourself in doing your part for those in need. There are many other ways in which you can help out and change someone’s day for the better. You can easily fit in these following acts of kindness no matter how busy your schedule looks like.

Visiting the sick

One way in which you can help out is by spending time with patients. You can call places that provide adult disability services Northern Suburbs such as hospitals or elders homes and find out what their visiting hours are. They will appreciate the effort you make to spend time with them as more often than not they may be starved for company and need nothing more than that. You can talk to them or read or sing with them or play board games that they enjoy.

Raising funds

You can also help by raising funds for people with disabilities. However when you are donating what you have collected make sure that you do so to accredited disability services as there may be many fraudulent organisations set up to defraud donors.

There are many activities you can do to raise funds. It depends on the scale on which you wish to do so. For example you can make it a small and simple project such as a bake sale or a garage sale but the amount you can raise through such a venture will be limited. You can also make it a large project such as organising an event for the neighbourhood and get more people involved. This way you can make quite a significant contribution and even raise awareness for types of disabilities you wish to raise these funds to eradicate.

Raising awareness

Raising awareness is also a very important part of helping those in need. It might not seem like much but the more people are educated about certain diseases the easier it will become for people suffering from it to deal with them. For instance they will find more people understanding their condition and contributing money to finding cures. Raising awareness can be done in a way that gets people excited and engaged in the process. One such example was the ice bucket challenge created to raise awareness for ALS. These videos went viral on the internet because of the millions of people who got involved.

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